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Laminate Care &

Laminate Flooring CARE & MAINTENANCE

Routine Laminate Care

You can easily keep your laminate floors looking beautiful for years. Regular sweeping and dry mopping help to remove loose dirt and debris that can cause wear and scratches. While laminate can handle damp mopping, be careful to avoid standing water or pooling, as it may damage the floors. Placing doormats at entrances and keeping your pets' nails trimmed also contribute to maintaining the pristine condition of your laminate flooring.

With these easy steps, you can enjoy the lasting beauty of your laminate floors for years to come.

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Tackling Laminate Spills and Stains

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, spills will happen. You can prevent staining on your laminate by acting quickly. Blot up any liquid using a clean cloth and sweep away any solids. To remove residue, use a clean, damp cloth, but make sure water doesn't stand on the floor. When it comes to cleaning solutions or stain removers, always refer to your manufacturer's guide to avoid any potential damage or warranty issues. Remember to avoid letting moisture or cleaning solutions stand, as they can harm your laminate floors.